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The search for shared connection and humanity continues into 2022 as we still live with this pandemic. We’re feeling the loneliness and depression in all of this. But music and community can still happen in 2022…even if we can’t always be in the same space. We are not alone. 


And this continues to be Kyle’s message in I AM NOT ALONE. The world needs more songs of hope…more anthems reaching out into the darkest places, to give a voice to those who are hurting. Music is a way to fight back against those waves of negative thoughts and feelings. That’s the power of music, lyrics, and a message. 


I AM NOT ALONE is the second of 3 single releases that will later be compiled into an EP in the coming months. The song features Kyle’s smooth echoey vocals at the start, similar to Post Malone’s “Circles'', and then transitions into a mix of crunchy/edgy guitars like you’d find in Linkin Park’s “Shadow of the Day”. The one-liner Kyle uses to describe it is, “POST MALONE TAKING A STROLL THROUGH LINKIN PARK”. The lyrical themes of feeling lost and alone segue into a hopeful reminder that we are not alone. We all have a shared journey in these troubling times, and we can let music be our connector.

Kyle is settling in as a solo artist, but he’s no stranger to success in music. He’s been the vocalist and front man for several Missouri rock bands and has released five independent projects (albums, EP's and singles) during his career so far. He's fronted rock bands that have shared the stage with national touring acts like Saliva, Burlap to Cashmere, Salvador, The Elms, This Train, Water Deep, and Mitch McVicker. Kyle is also an experienced worship leader. He has a bachelor’s degree in music ministry from Ozark Christian College, and has previously served on staff at churches, led worship for youth camps, small event gatherings, and national conferences. He's done on-screen acting and voice-over work for various organizations like Christ In Youth, Missouri Baptist Convention, and Good News Productions, International. He is now entering the next phase of his musical journey, combining his skills as a recording artist, session vocalist, voice-over artist, and freelance worship leader into his art. In June 2021, Kyle signed an artist development deal with Better Man Records, LLC. BMR will come alongside him to help make his passion for projects that connect and inspire hope a reality.




YOU'RE ALRIGHT - Audio Visualizer

YOU'RE ALRIGHT - Audio Visualizer

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